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Live Entertainment

Through the years, having a live entertainer has become a great way to add that “FUN” atmosphere to your event. Whether it is a Percussionist, Bongo Player, Saxophonist, Violinist, or Live Singer, all are great additions to your package. Our live entertainers are handpicked from a network of professionals in the mobile and nightlife industry. At MVP, we expect all of our entertainers to be interactive and part of our team! Just another piece of the puzzle that goes into an amazing night!

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Plasma Production

We know that screens have been around for a long time, but they are still a main component to bringing all your friends and family together the night of your wedding. We believe that getting married is not just about that one night, but the road you and your fiancee took to get there. Our Plasma Package is full of Zap Photos, Montages, Dinner Music Videos, Love Trivia, Movie Clips, and more…! Other great ideas, include engagement session montages during your first dance, maybe a Wedding Recap for your guests who could not attend your ceremony. Our Plasma Package always includes two 50″ screens!

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Lighting Production

The aspect of your wedding that will set you apart from everyone else is “WOW FACTOR”. What is “Wow Factor”?… Well, it is the feeling you get when you walk in the main room from cocktail hour and you say to yourself “WOW!, this looks amazing!” Now, how do you get to that point?… This is how… It all starts with your all white DJ Setup, then we use LED lit towers with Automated lighting, and finish with full room Uplighting!… Automated lighting is controlled by a computer program, theatrical lighting at its best!… Making sure that all highlights of your event are well lit and focused on. Uplighting brings that warm, colorful feel to your main ballroom. We will set your lighting to match the color scheme you choose so when your guests enter your entire room will be in unison. When we start the dancing, that’s when the fun starts!!!